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Relay on Pat's Track

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Yesterday the team learned about relay racing.  After warming up, we divided into three relay teams and practiced passing the baton.  Teams of six or seven runners lined up on the track to run 200 m legs (half the track).  Each runner ran a total of six legs meaning, collectively as a team, they ran nine miles!!!  Each indivdual runner sprinted a total of a mile and a half in 200 m intervals.  The team enjoyed the relays, worked hard, and supported each other's efforts.  Relays bring out true team camaradarie which was so apparent.  In the end, everyone walked off the track tired and personally satisfyed with their hard work.  Excellent practice once again team!!!

Pat's Track Distant Run

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The team had a very productive run today on Pat's Track.  The goal today was distance.  Every runner was working to run at least one lap more than their furthest run on the track to date.  Some runners took on the additonal challenge of completing their timed mile, or choosing to do a timed half mile.  Runners used the full practice to complete their mileage and, once again, regathered at the end of practice feeling accomplished.  Most runners were able to meet their goals running anywhere from one and a half to five miles.  A special thanks to our injured runners who helped time and cheered teammates. The positive spirit everyone brings to the team keeps all motivated and focused.  Mimi, Nora and I love this team!

When we have a "hard training day" there are numerous ways to define a hard workout.  Monday we ran 200 yd intervals.  Today was distance.  Stretching your mileage challenges your body and increases your base.  Intervals work on speed and increasing your heart rate and anaerobic threshold.  Both of these workouts lead to increased endurance and fitness.  Each week we will have one speed workout and one distrance workout.  When able, our third practice will be getting off campus for a local trail run.

Excellent work today team!!!

Mt. Tom Run

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A cool and blustery run at Mt. Tom today.  We shutted the group over to Mt. Tom and ran the road loop for about 25 mins.  After regathering, some runners took on the challenge of heading up towards the tower on Mt. Tom with Nora while others continued to run a shorter loop near the parking area.  The climbers nearly summited before running out of time and heading back to rejoin the group.  Next time we will have to get the whole team to the top.  It was good to get the runners off campus again and all enjoyed the beautiful scenery and usual camaraderie.  It is wonderful to see the runners chatting together as they put in their mileage.  They laugh and enjoying each other's company while they move themselves across the ground, each with their own unique stride and style.   

200 yd Intervals

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After inspiration from today's Boston Marathon, runners took on our first true interval work out.  On Pat's Track, the team did their routine warm-up together then prepared for intervals.  Runners were challenged to complete a minimum of five quality intervals, at a consistent pace.  Each runner took their pulse before and after every 200 yd interval, then again before they started their next interval.  Your pulse is the best indicator of recovery.  Runners learned that once their pulse was unable to recover before the next interval, it was time to stop the intervals.  Every runner was able to meet the goal of completing five intervals.  Some were able to complete seven before their pulse no longer recovered.  Mimi, Nora and I were so impressesd with all the runners today.  They all brought enthusiasm and high energy to a difficult work out. The runners pushed themselves, supported each other, and everyone walked off the track feeling accomplished with their 'runnre's high" from a challenging work out.  Excellent work today! 

Tonight runners should be sure to drink extra water and may find their resting pulse is slightly higher than usual.  This is normal and an indication of your body working to recover.  Wednesday we will run trails at Mt. Tom and Thursday will be a distance run back on Pat's Track. 

Birch Hill Ln Run

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24 runners headed across the road yesterday to do an off-campus run on Birch Hill Ln.  We ran the cul-de-sac, with most runners doing it one and a half times before taking on an interval challenge.  Birch Hill has a slight uphill grade as you enter the road.  After clocking some mileage, we regathered and challenged runners to complete three quality intervals, heading up hill for about 100-150 yds.  Runners went off in waves trying to find a pace that stretched them, got their heart rates up, yet a pace they could maintain for at least three intervals.  Once they reached the top they slowly jogged back to the start, focusing on bringing their heart rate back down to start again.  Mimi, Nora and I were so impressed wtih all the runners' desire to push themselves and work hard.  The majority of runners challenged themselves further by completing additional intervals, some doing as many as five.  Fabulous work team!!!

Today, we were back on Pat's Track.  Runners who had not completed their timed mile did so. In addition, runners continued to add further distance to their practice runs.  Many runners experienced some sorness due to the sprints we did yesterday.  Others discovered tight muscles especially in their calves and hamstring areas.  They were shown stretches and strategies to work these out and were able to loosen up over the course of the practice.  Everyone on the team continues to support one another with the encouragement, enthusiasm, and positve energy that each runner bring to the team every day. 

As a team, we are beginning to learn about our pulse and what it tells us about our body.  Many runners have taken their resting pulse in the morning.  We are now starting to learn about the variance in our pulse when we are active.  Next week we will have an interval workout.  While doing intervals we will learn about our max heart rate, anerobic and aerobic thresholds, and recovery.  It is another beutiful day for a run!

Spring pracitce on Pat's Track

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A lovely spring practice on Pat's Track today after a week of class trips.  Everyone felt our absence of not running as team this past week, but were all able to meet their daily goals today.  Depsite some heavy, tired and sore legs, everyone came wtih their usual postive spirit and shared stories of class trips while running their laps.  We welcomed three new runners to the team today, Nathaniel, Arreyion and Nora.  Glad you are running with us!

At the end of the practice we all found our pulse.  Some were more successful at this exercise that others.  We discussed the importance of being aware of your own resting pulse.  The most accurate way to get your resting pulse is when you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, then lay back down in bed and take your pulse.  You can count heart beats for thirty seconds then multiply by two, or record for a full minute.  Do this daily and you will become aware of your own normal resting pulse.  This is an excellent indicator of your body.  Your resting pulse will naturally increase if you are stressed due to illness, lack of recovery, or emotional stress.  As we begin to work on interval training we will talk about our aerobic and anaerobic thresholds as well as our max heart rate.  As your fitness increases your resting pulse will decrease and the gap between your anaerobic threshold and max heart rate will narrow. 

Remeber to stay hydrated (we all know what that means), especially as the temperatures increase. 

Enjoy the arrival of spring!

Practice on Pat's Track

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Another terrific practice at Pat's Track today.  Once again, runners were able to set individual goals for practice and meet their goals!  Some runners chose to do a timed mile to get a baseline to measure their progress.  Those who chose not to, will do it after our Middle School trips next week.  Mimi and I continued to be so impressed with everyone's positive attitude, enthusiasm, and efforts. 

During our team meeting we discussed always running the distant.  It is important runners actually run the full distance rather than walk.  This will increase their endurance and base to begin to work on other aspects of their running.  Runners are learning to find a pace they can run rather than running too quickly then walking.  In addition, we focused our breathing on belly breathing rather than shalllower chest breathing.  Although this does not sound so, it is challenging and takes lots of practice.  Lastly, we did a short excercise demonstrating how a relaxed muscle is more effiecent and faster than a tight muscle.  Running with relaxed muscles is one of our goals. 

Excellent run and effort today.  Over the weekend and next week, runners will run on their own due to no practices as we are all on class trips.  It is important for runner to get some training in so they do not lose any of their progress. 

We are certainly enjoying spring running!

Run strong!

Rod Dixon's visit

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Today we welcomed Rod Dixon.  As a runner, Olympian, and health advocate, Rod spent a half hour talking with the team and some WMS Kids' Marathon runners before heading out to the track.  Rod shared his experiences, a few stories, and his philosophy with us.  He very much mirrored our WMS philosophy.  While out on the track, Rod ran a lap with the runners and spoke about the three elements of running:  physical, mental, and spiritual.  Pat's Track captures all three of these as runners enjoy the remarkable setting. Rod was clearly impressed.

One story that struck me personally, was Rod sharing that his childhood hero was New Zealander Sir Edmund Hilary, the first person to climb Mt. Everest with NepaleseTenzing Norgay.  Being from New Zealand, Rod was in awe of Hilary who was a national and world hero.  After Hilary's climb apparent he made a statement about Everest not being high enough for everyone's goals and dreams.  You can always dream bigger.  This inspired Rod, who was about ten at the time, and became center to his cross-country running as he started a few years later.  At 21 years old, Rod won his Olympic medal.  He was asked by the media who inspired him and he responded, Sir Edmund Hilary.  The interviewer asked if he had every shared that with Hilary.  Shocked at even the notion, Rod said no; however, was left with the idea of doing so.  He did.  Knocking on Hilary's door, greeted by Hilary's wife, then by Hilary, Rod personally thanked Hilary for his inspiration and shared his medal.  Hilary's response was, "Good, now do something to inspire the next generation."  At that, Hilary closed the door. 

Here is a brief bio on Rod:

For 17 years, Rod Dixon was one of the best runners in the World. He is an Olympic Medalist, two time World Cross Country Championship Medalist, and the 1500m Champion of the United States, France, Great Britain, and New Zealand. And, to this day, his victory in the 1983 New York City Marathon remains one of the most dramatic finishes the event has ever seen.Rod is now a passionate advocate of the worldwide children's health and fitness movement. He knows that kids around the world are not getting the physical exercise and nutrition they need. It is Rod's goal to bring the KiDSMARATHON program to thousands of children around the world, so they can experience the true value (and fun!) of exercise and nutrition, and develop positive life-long habits.


Thanks for joining us today Rod!

Keep running strong.

Water logged White Memorial

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Today runners received their team shirts!  Runners will now stride out in their blue WMS Running shirts with Teddy Ebsol's quote on their backs,

"the finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race" 

Set your goals, put forth the consistent effort and determination to meet them, push yourself out of your comfort zone, when you reach your goal, stretch again, set new ones, and keep growing! 

We ventured out to White Memorial today hoping for a scenic trail run.  As we headed out to run the boardwalk loop it quickly became apparent it was impassable as major sections of the boardwalk were literally underwater!  Running back the opposite direction, it was not long before we encountered another section of boardwalk was also underwater.  It was a muddy trail run back and forth on a deadend loop.  We regathered and completed our run with an additional solid mile running roadside.  Each runner finished the adventurous run with a strong final half mile.  Most everyone had their first taste of real trail running, when you come back muddy and wet!  Dry your shoes, keep smiling, and run strong!

Second pracitce!

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A high energy and positive second practice for the WMS Running Team!  Everyone set a personal goal they wish to acoomplish by the end of the season.  Today's practice was back on Pat's Track but running in reverse direction.  Each runner made a goal fo the day of how many laps and the distance they wanted to complete today.  Every runner met their goal and some pushed themselves beyond.  It is wonderful to see the runners become energized by their own acocomplishments, often inspiring themselves to go futher.  Walking back to the gym the spirits were positive and all supported each other with cheers, high fives and pounds.

Tip of the day:  Hydration is crucial for good health, and particularly for atheletes.   Your pee should be clear which indicates good hydration and health.  "Pee clear!"

Great work today runners!