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Rod Dixon's visit

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Today we welcomed Rod Dixon.  As a runner, Olympian, and health advocate, Rod spent a half hour talking with the team and some WMS Kids' Marathon runners before heading out to the track.  Rod shared his experiences, a few stories, and his philosophy with us.  He very much mirrored our WMS philosophy.  While out on the track, Rod ran a lap with the runners and spoke about the three elements of running:  physical, mental, and spiritual.  Pat's Track captures all three of these as runners enjoy the remarkable setting. Rod was clearly impressed.

One story that struck me personally, was Rod sharing that his childhood hero was New Zealander Sir Edmund Hilary, the first person to climb Mt. Everest with NepaleseTenzing Norgay.  Being from New Zealand, Rod was in awe of Hilary who was a national and world hero.  After Hilary's climb apparent he made a statement about Everest not being high enough for everyone's goals and dreams.  You can always dream bigger.  This inspired Rod, who was about ten at the time, and became center to his cross-country running as he started a few years later.  At 21 years old, Rod won his Olympic medal.  He was asked by the media who inspired him and he responded, Sir Edmund Hilary.  The interviewer asked if he had every shared that with Hilary.  Shocked at even the notion, Rod said no; however, was left with the idea of doing so.  He did.  Knocking on Hilary's door, greeted by Hilary's wife, then by Hilary, Rod personally thanked Hilary for his inspiration and shared his medal.  Hilary's response was, "Good, now do something to inspire the next generation."  At that, Hilary closed the door. 

Here is a brief bio on Rod:

For 17 years, Rod Dixon was one of the best runners in the World. He is an Olympic Medalist, two time World Cross Country Championship Medalist, and the 1500m Champion of the United States, France, Great Britain, and New Zealand. And, to this day, his victory in the 1983 New York City Marathon remains one of the most dramatic finishes the event has ever seen.Rod is now a passionate advocate of the worldwide children's health and fitness movement. He knows that kids around the world are not getting the physical exercise and nutrition they need. It is Rod's goal to bring the KiDSMARATHON program to thousands of children around the world, so they can experience the true value (and fun!) of exercise and nutrition, and develop positive life-long habits.


Thanks for joining us today Rod!

Keep running strong.

Water logged White Memorial

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Today runners received their team shirts!  Runners will now stride out in their blue WMS Running shirts with Teddy Ebsol's quote on their backs,

"the finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race" 

Set your goals, put forth the consistent effort and determination to meet them, push yourself out of your comfort zone, when you reach your goal, stretch again, set new ones, and keep growing! 

We ventured out to White Memorial today hoping for a scenic trail run.  As we headed out to run the boardwalk loop it quickly became apparent it was impassable as major sections of the boardwalk were literally underwater!  Running back the opposite direction, it was not long before we encountered another section of boardwalk was also underwater.  It was a muddy trail run back and forth on a deadend loop.  We regathered and completed our run with an additional solid mile running roadside.  Each runner finished the adventurous run with a strong final half mile.  Most everyone had their first taste of real trail running, when you come back muddy and wet!  Dry your shoes, keep smiling, and run strong!

Second pracitce!

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A high energy and positive second practice for the WMS Running Team!  Everyone set a personal goal they wish to acoomplish by the end of the season.  Today's practice was back on Pat's Track but running in reverse direction.  Each runner made a goal fo the day of how many laps and the distance they wanted to complete today.  Every runner met their goal and some pushed themselves beyond.  It is wonderful to see the runners become energized by their own acocomplishments, often inspiring themselves to go futher.  Walking back to the gym the spirits were positive and all supported each other with cheers, high fives and pounds.

Tip of the day:  Hydration is crucial for good health, and particularly for atheletes.   Your pee should be clear which indicates good hydration and health.  "Pee clear!"

Great work today runners! 

First Practice

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We had a terrific first WMS Running Team practice!  We have an impressive 23 runners on the team!  Today we met as a team to give an overview of the program and have runners begin to develop their own personal goals for the season.  Our emphasis is on personal improvement, pushing yourself our of our comfort level to initiate progress, and support and encourage each other.  Running is a raw sport, which is what pulls Mimi and I to it.  There is no bench to sit on, no subs, and no teammates to hide behind or pass the ball to.  It is just you, your running shoes, and the effort you put into it.  Everyone is born with their natural gifts and talents; however, everyone has personal goals and can improve themselves.  Running goals come in different forms which are not just about your speed across the ground.  Indivdiual goals can be based on the distant you run, the amount of time you run continuously, or how quickly you run a particular distance, or tackling a particular type of terrain. Today we talked about not walking, no matter what the distant.  It is important to find a pace you can complete the given run without walking.  As in all sports, running mirrors life.  Running can feel vunerable and risky at times.  It is physically challenging; however, it is an opportunity to learn about yourself when you are pushed to a perceived limit, you dig in and find the mental toughness to push futher, and you stretch yourself beyond those perceived limits.  You are often stronger than you orginially believed.  This is the heart of success and accomplishment.  Keep running strong!  Theo