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Final Practice

Posted on May 22, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Today was our final practice of the spring season and what a fantastic season it has been!  Yesterday we had our last practice on the track and a few runners were able to accomplish their goal times for the mile!  Others enjoyed timing themselves for the 100 yd dash, while some runners simply racked up mileage.  Today we ran a campus two mile loop before heading in for treats and a celebration of the season.

The season and team were so much more than we expected.  We were constantly impressed with evey runner's positive attitude, enthisiasm, effort and support on one another.  Each day runners came out and supported one another to meet their daily and longer term goals with encouragement.  Impressively, every runner met their goal for the season with the exception of a couple who are taking on their parents - yet to be determined!   Our hope is this experience will support runners in a life long value of physical health. The team is a wonderdul group of individuals, who were brought together with a common interest, connecting through their efforts and challenges.  They truly took care of each other each day; the real meaning of "team."

A special thanks to Mimi and Nora for their guidance and support throughout the season.  They are always up for any running adventure, bringing their enthusiasm and passions.  We felt so fortunate to have this shared experience with such a terrific group of runners!  Keep runnning strong!

Sherman Meet

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Sherman hosted us to a terrific meet today!  A huge thanks to them for setting up terrific events.  We began the meet with a full team relay then split into groups by grade level.  Each grade paricipated in events at stations including the 100 yd dash, 200 yd dash, hurdles, discus throw,  and the shot put.  Each group was able to rotate through all but one station before we needed to head home.  Our runners enjoyed being able to try the field events of discus and shot put which we had never experienced.  Once again, the spirit of the meet was supportive and positive.  All the runners enjoyed their time, put forth strong effort, and demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship.  Fabulous work team!  So good to have Mimi back, especially in her wild pants! 

Look for photos on the WMS website tomorrow and a few on the WMS Running Team webpage. 

Steep Rock Pinnacle

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It was an humid and tropical feeling run today; however, was definitely a "top ten".  We coordinated with Outdoor Club to venture the flat run along the river, followed by a steep climb, to enjoyed the incredible views from the Pinnacle at Steep Rock.  The Pinnacle overlooks The Clam Shell of Steep Rock and the river below.  Runners spent about twenty minutes taking in the view and breeze before a much quicker run back down the trails and back to the vans.  Many took on the challenge of running the entire steep section to the view.  Everyone enjoyed the trails and company of the Outdoor Club.  It was a true trail run today which all enjoyed.  Thanks to Tom, Jared and the Outdoor Club for coordinating with us to make this a joyful afternoon possible. 

Pat's Track

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Many runner completed their timed mile in PE at the end of the academic day today so they were feeling tight with heavy legs at practice.  However, other runners took on timing themselves or pushing their distance today.  Overall, it was a fine practice.  We did revisit our goals for the season so runners can be sure to try to complete these within the next week as the season winds down. 

We discussed the next few practices.  Tomorrow we will have regular practice, perhaps running off campus somewhere from school.  Next Monday, May 19th, the team travels to Sherman for our second race with them.  Wednesday of next week we will try to complete any timed events for runners who have a time oriented goal for the season.  Finally, Thursday of next week is our final practice.  We will invite parents to join us and have an end of the season celebration.  It has been an amazing season and hard to believe we are nearing the end.

First Race on Pat's Track

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What a fun and exciting afternoon watching the team take on Sherman runners today.  Everyone seemed as though they enjoyed the challenges of racing and several runner found a new inner strength and speed, surprising themselves.  Sherman brought over 16 runners to join our 23, making for a full afternoon.  Unfortuantely we only had enough time to run the 100 yd and 200 yd events; however, we will be sure to get in our relay next week when we travel to Sherman. It was wonderful to see runners wishing each other luck at the start of each race, giving bumps and high fives.  All very positive energy and fabulous sportsmanship.  We look forward to our meet next Monday at Sherman. 

A huge thanks to Sherman for joining us and to parents who supplied fruits and snacks that were quickly consumed after the races.  The beautiful afternoon had a terrific feel and energy.  Excellent effort from all the runners.

Check out photos on the WMS website tomorrow.

Message from Mimi

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Mimi was unable to be with us this week as her husband is facing some health challenges.  However, she sent the below email to the team. 



Running is a "life long sport" that is not just aboutthe time, distance or speed. Running is a time to rhythmically move  in apredictable pattern enabling the mind to clear itself of toxins. Thisprocess helps the mind to think more clearly and focus on what istruly important.I am forever grateful for having this in my life!It istimes like these, when life hands you a doozy, that I really appreciatewhat running has done for me. I do wish for all of you that runningbecomes part of you daily living and gets into your soul as it has forme. Keep it up and I hope to see you next week!

xxooCoach Meem


We hope to have Mimi back next week.  Thanks for the wonderful message Mimi!

Another Hidden Valley Run

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The runners enjoyed Hidden Valley so much on Monday, they requested we return today.  We varied the run by heading up the pinnacle to enjoy the view across the valley before heading out to the pedestrian bridge.  Runners were awed at the view from the pinnacle then enjoyed playing in the sand and dipping their feet in the water at the brigh.  It was an easy and relaxed run today which was perfect as many runners felt the need for a low key, fun run.  The day was beautiful and Nora and I were happy to share a run in the woods with the team members who did not have play practice. 

Hidden Valley Trail Run

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One of our runners had an announcement at the end of our run in Hidden Valley today which summed up our practice.  "This was the best run and I actually really enjoyed running today."  It was a beautiful afternoon as we ran along the Shepaug River on the trais in Hidden Valley - part of Steep Rock Preserve.  We had a small group today due to many runners being at the 6/7 play practice.  The group ran to the quartz mine and back, stopping along the way to check out triliums and blood root flowers, plus a few crayfish on the shore.  Everyone enjoyed the trails and have asked to return on Wednesday.  Nora and I appreciated watching the group stick close together as they enjoyed each other's company and time running the wooded trails.  A perfect afternoon run! 

Be sure to check out photos on Instagram by clicking the camera icon on our home page.  There are some good ones!

Back on Pat's Track

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A surprisingly hot and muggy afternoon on Pat's Track.  Today was a distance run with some runners who missed the 200 m relay on Monday taking on that challenge.  Kudos to them since it was so hot.  All the runners felt the heat and some were dragging.  However, there were many runners who meet the challenge of running one more lap than their furthest track run.  It ended up being a day of mental digging, which running so often is.  Mimi, Nora and I were impressed with those who met their goal and several pushed beyond to complete additonal distance.  A true mental test of running today.  Well done team!

Steep Rock Tunnel Rain Run

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An adventurous nineteen runners headed out into the afternoon rain, running to the tunnel at Steep Rock Preserve this afternoon.  Both runners and Mimi, thought we were crazy; however, they pushed through their uncertainty and embraced the wet run.  We started as a group at the riding ring, with our usual warm-up and dynamic stretching, before runners headed off at their own paces.  It was a mile and a half run to the tunnel on the flat trail, once the old railroad bed.  Nearly all the runners ran the entire way to the tunnel, which meant running back, completing three full miles.  Even as we approach May, the tunnel still had slabs of ice inside and runners enjoyed the darkness and echos.  Although it was a wet run, it was scenic along the river.  Overall eveyone enjoyed themselves and were glad to take on the challenge of both the distance and the weather.  Mimi, Nora and I were very proud of all the runners' accomplishments today and their impressively positve attitudes regardless of what we throw at them.